We have created a set of template files for SOP – standard operating procedures. These templates are the results of many years of experience working with procedures in the oil and gas industry.

They are free to download and use.

Start-up procedure template

This is a template for start-up procedures, black start, trip restarts, etc:


Routine operation template

This template is for routine operations:


Maintenance template

This template is for preparing equiptment for maintenance and for reinstalling after maintenance, and not for the actual maintenance work:


On the job training

This template if for on the job training programs, usually you should create one per system:


Using the SOPs created with these templates

The resulting procedures can be used as print-outs. But the templates are written so that they are compatable with SATOS, making it easy to digitlize operations. Upload the word-document (manually or with an URL from a document storage system) to SATOS and it will create interactive check-lists. Contact us for a demonstration of SATOS and see how you can get started.

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