SATVISION SOFTWARE is a provider of industrial software solutions for industry plant operators. Our Key product is the SATOS Software Solution. SATOS is an online solution for handling Operations Procedures.

In the last few decades, new operating environments have emerged for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Rapid developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology have presented new opportunities for offshore oil and gas operations.  Integrated Operations have become a reality, and recently followed by a broad focus on digitalization.

SATVISION software development environment consists of multi discipline experts in the fields og engineering, commissioning and plant operations. This is crucial for meeting the high expectations from our software customers.

Our development team seeks to put our operations support software in a logical integrated position with other digital tools such as Digital Twins and Training Simulators as well as in the plant itself. Current developments in SATOS software include the capability of operating procedures (check lists) to be “on-line” with the plant to be operated. This feature will reduce the risk of operator error and reduce the time needed for start-ups, i.e. improve Production Efficiency.