SATOS v5.24 has just been released

New, more user friendly interface for browsing procedures

Updated folder structure that is easier to navigate and get an overview of all procedures. 

Updated procedure nodes and checklists overview 

The overview page for nodes and checklists has been updated with new visuals, making it easier for user’s to get an overview of their organization’s procedures.


Access to functionality on many pages has been consolidated into ‘action’ dropdown menus, making it easier to find relevant functionality.

Quicker access to procedure records 

Records of a procedure’s previous executions now accessible directly from it’s own page.

Group management page improvements 

The group management pages have been given a makeover and performance upgrade, as well as improved search and filtration options.

Same-page editing 

The functionality for many features such as adding or editing a procedure, folder or checklist now happens in a lightbox on the same page they are displayed.

Word-import updates

The document import and conversion engine has been updated to a new underlying technology, making it more robust and user friendly.

Improved user interface for creating new checklists 

The user interface for creating checklists has been improved, helping to guide the user through the process. 

Server upgrade 

Server now runs on the latest version of .NET (.NET 8), improving the performance and reliability of the application.