Kongsberg Digital’s dynamic process simulator K-Spice is now being used by more than 100 training simulators across the world. At the same time, more and more oil and gas installations are starting to use SATOS from Satvision Software for digital procedures and checklists.

Dynamic procedures which are online with a process facility, have the potential to considerably increase the facility’s safety and production efficiency. To develop this concept, Kongsberg Digital and Satvision Software have launched a cooperation project that connects K-Spice with SATOS. With this solution, SATOS will listen to K-Spice, automatically check status in the simulator and give the operators direct feedback concerning action points in the operating procedures. The solution has already reached the demo stage.

Procedures that listen to the facility have been my dream since I began working with operating procedures 30 years ago, and to see it actually working, is incredible,” says Arne Magnus, general manager of Satvision Software.  This is a small revolution in operating documentation. Using procedures and checklists has never been easier.

K-Spice has been a market leader on dynamic simulators for many years, andKongsberg Digital is constantly looking for new ways to use the simulator, both during operation and in the pre-ops phase.

“Our goal is that people will use the simulator actively and as realistically as possible.This will no doubt increase the ways the simulator will be used not only for training, but also to prepare procedures. I look forward to seeing it used by our customers,” says Mikkel H. Haug, Customer Success Manager, Kongsberg Digital.

The next step is full-scale testing on a simulator and implementation at a live facility.

About Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital, which is part of the Kongsberg Group, provides next generation software and digital solutions to customers in the maritime and energy industries. The company consists of more than 500 experts on the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, simulation and automation.


About Satvision Software

Satvision Software is a Norwegian company specialising in software solutions for operations support. Satvision provides SATOS with a cloud solution for procedures, competence management, handover between shifts and lab reporting.