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SATVISION SOFTWARE is a Norwegian company specializing in providing software solutions for industrial plant operators. Our Key product is the SATOS Software Solution.

The SATOS Software Solution was developed by SAT (Systems Analysis Technology www.sat.no), a Norwegian Oil & Gas Consulting Company. SAT is a multi-discipline company with extensive experience from design, commissioning and operation of oil and gas production installations. SAT has provided services and software solutions for training and operations since 1990. SAT clients include oil and gas operating companies primarily on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

In the last few decades, new operating environments have emerged for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Rapid developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology have presented new opportunities for offshore oil and gas operations, and Integrated Operations have become a reality, recently followed by a broad focus on digitalization.

SATOS is an online solution for handling Operations Procedures. The key feature in SATOS is the node diagrams (start-up or shut-down diagram developed by SAT) with associated structured operating procedures. SATOS aims to increase safety and regularity by facilitating standardized operations. SATOS uses database solutions to access procedures, checklists and other relevant information for the operator. Control room operators can collaborate both with specialists in an Onshore Operation Center and with suppliers as procedures and operations progress can be followed from all locations.