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SATVISION SOFTWARE provides industrial software solutions for industry plant operators. Our key product is the SATOS Software Solution.

Used by:

SATOS – Operator Support

Quick access to procedures and checklists

Digitalize your procedures and checklists with SATOS and gain quick access to all your procedures and checklists, online at all locations.

Integrated operations

Collaborate on complex tasks between offshore control room, onshore control center and field operators.

Document complience

Have full procedure tracking on who did what and when.

Operation readiness

Ready to operate with all procedures and checklists available and known to all involved operators.

Read more about the procedures module

Competence management

Procedure training, computer based training and “on the job”-training for operators.

Read more about the competence management module

Shift and crew handover

Register shift events and make well presented handovers

Read more about the shift module


Get rid of post-its and daily e-mails by using the task module to keep track of all outstanding tasks.

Lab samples

Register and report lab analyses, review trends and conformance.

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